Saturday, February 27, 2010

Visit from Uncle Mike

This morning, Uncle Mike came by to drop off mama Lyanne's cell phone.  Apparently, both mama Lyanne and his cell phones look quite similar.  He mistakenly took mama Lyanne's cell phone with him on Thursday, thinking it was his cell phone.  When he got home, he realized that he had an extra cell phone.  Before he realized it was mama Lyanne's cell phone, he called Uncle Ton thinking it was his cell phone. After Uncle Ton informed him that it was not his cell phone, Uncle Mike finally figured out that the extra cell phone was mama Lyanne's. So today, he purposely drove up from Santa Monica to drop off the phone.

While he was here, he spent a good chunk of time with baby Kara.  Baby Kara has become quite attached and "spoiled" by Uncle Mike.  Baby Kara spent most of her time sleeping on Uncle Mike's chest.  She kept snuggling closer to uncle Mike, in an attempt to get warmer on this rainy day. 

Baby Kara liked being held so much, that after Uncle Mike left, she was quite cranky and fussy. Baby Kara cried almost every hour or so. She was very loud, demanding to be carried and pampered like Uncle Mike had given her. Instead of carrying baby Kara as she had demanded, mama Lyanne placed her on the bouncer and rocked her every time she cried. After a few times battling with baby Kara, mama Lyanne claimed victory as baby Kara went to sleep for about four hours without too much more fussing.

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