Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kara Going Home

On Valentine's Day (also Chinese New Year) this year, baby Kara is ready to check out of the hospital and go home!

Papa and Mama Wong were still finalizing baby Kara's Chinese name at this point in time. This morning, Dr Nish visited mama Lyanne for one final time before he gave the okay for discharge from the hospital. Papa and Mama Wong waited for Dr. Auth from Valencia Pediatrics to visit baby Kara, but he never showed up. From what we heard, there was a misunderstanding between the nurses and him. He thought that we had been discharged, and therefore, he did not pay us a visit. Papa Matt expressed concerns about the likelihood of jaundice to the nurse. The nurse checked baby Kara's Bilirubin level, and found that to be a 8.9. That was slightly high but nothing to be concerned about.

Just before discharge, Mama Wong was visited by Jollie, the hospital's lactation specialist. Jollie gave Mama Wong a really thorough demonstration on how to breastfeed baby Kara. She also showed various tips and tricks to get baby Kara to get all the nutrients she needed from Mama Lyanne.

At around 5pm, Papa Wong pulled up the 2005 Toyota Camry at the hospital's turnaround, and loaded baby Kara into the car. Baby Kara arrived home! She was immediately greeted by her three best friends, Tobi, Wiley, and Kooki. All three of them stood on their two hind legs looking on, waiting to meet their new family member.

At the same time, our neighbor across the street, Kelly, saw baby Kara pulled up, and welcome her to the neighborhood as well.

During the evening, Papa and Mama Wong had a quiet Valentine's dinner by themselves. Baby Kara was very good, and slept through the entire dinner!!

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