Friday, February 26, 2010

2-week checkup with Dr. Mary Ellen McCormick

This morning, baby Kara woke up and enjoyed a nice bath in her new tub that papa Matt bought for her just the day before.  She got a sponge bath from mama Lyanne, and she wanted to be nice and clean for her 2-week wellness checkup with the pediatrician.

In the afternoon, papa Matt and mama Lyanne accompanied baby Kara to see Dr. Mary Ellen McCormick.  After checking into the room, baby Kara stripped and got her new weight.  She now weighs 6 pounds 15 ounces.  She now stands 20 and 1/2 inches tall, growing a whole entire inch from birth.

Dr. McCormick was quite impressed with baby Kara's weight gain, and she was also very happy with baby Kara's feeding and sleeping pattern.  Dr. McCormick also explained to papa Matt and mama Lyanne about some of the developmental progress from baby Kara that they should look for in the coming months, including baby Kara being able to look at mama Lyanne and papa Matt during feeding, baby Kara's ability to smile on cue, her ability to be startled when there are loud noises in the background, as well as the famous tummy time!

Baby Kara was very well behaved through most of the examination, except for when Dr. McCormick wanted to take a peek at baby Kara's eyes.  Baby Kara was so sound asleep from her feeding just before the appointment that she used all her might to make sure that her eyes are shut, and she was extremely stubborn and did not allow Dr. McCormick to see her eyes.  It was a challenge that Dr. McCormick gladly took up on!!  Dr. McCormick tried so many different ways to get baby Kara to open her eyes, but with no luck. Even mama Lyanne and the nurse came in to help out. Dr. McCormick even got down on her knees on the floor just to take a few peeks at baby Kara's eyes while mama Lyanne tried waking her, but to no avail.  We finally tried to put baby Kara on the scale again, in an attempt to wake her up and make her open her eyes.  While baby Kara was on the scale a second time, she did open her eyes a little, and Dr. McCormick was satisfied with the little glimpse of baby Kara's eyes that she saw.

Finally, mama Lyanne was curious to see what was baby Kara's bili-level even though she knew that baby Kara no longer had jaundice. The nurse found baby Kara's bili-level to be 7.9.  Dr. McCormick was very excited that baby Kara's bili-level has come way down from 12.9 only six days ago.  That ended our 2-week wellness check-up and the Wong family were ready to go home.  Mama Lyanne helped baby Kara to get dressed, and suddenly, her eyes were wide open.  Dr. McCormick had a good chuckle about the amount of effort it took to examine baby Kara's eyes, when she willingly opened them while she was putting on clothes to go home.

Overall, a great visit with Dr. McCormick, and baby Kara is set to see Dr. McCormick again in about six weeks for her 2-month wellness check.  At that appointment, she is slated to get tons of immunization shots as well as a more in-depth examination from Dr. McCormick.

Later that night, mama Lyanne enjoyed watching papa Matt give baby Kara burps over his shoulder. After that, he changed her diaper and played with her foot. He couldn't help but noticed that baby Kara's foot is just as long as the length of his thumb!

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