Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quiet Day with Mama

Today after Grandma (嫲嫲) cooked Papa Matt and Mama Lyanne a quick lunch, she packed her bags to go back to Alhambra.  Papa Matt and Mama Lyanne ripped the sheets off of the full size bed and dumped them into the laundry.  They put on a fresh set of sheets for the arrival of another grandma tonight.

Baby Kara spent some quality quiet time with Mama Lyanne the entire afternoon, while Papa Matt drove his mom back to Alhambra, as well as purchasing some groceries for the week.  After purchasing groceries, papa Matt also attended to his weekly sarcristan duties at St. Therese Church as well.

Grandma (婆婆) arrived in the evening, after celebrating Great-Grandma's birthday in Canoga Park.

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