Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visit from Family

Several hours after baby Kara was born, papa Matt and mama Lyanne made several phone calls to their parents and inform them that their first grandchild has arrived. Nervous and anxious, everyone wanted to rush into their cars and drive over to the hospital. Papa Matt and mama Lyanne convinced all the grandparents that it would be better to visit in the morning, when visiting hours begin at 8am.

During the morning shift, our new nurse, Janice, said that she would be preparing the postpartum room for us, and that she would try to time the move to the postpartum room just as the current patient is checking out to go home. In the meantime, Grandma () arrived at the hospital to visit baby Kara. Here's a picture of proud Grandma () holding Kara.

In the afternoon, Grandpa (爺爺), Grandma (嫲嫲), and uncle Gabe (叔叔) came to visit Kara in the hospital.

Late in the evening, great Grandma, great uncle Hoa and great aunt Ivanna came by to visit as well.

After a long day of visit from various family members, Papa and Mama Wong relaxed in the postpartum room until close to midnight. Matt headed home to their three other "kids," aka the three dogs. They needed their evening medication, and they get to stay inside the house to sleep through the night.

After Papa Matt left the hospital for the day, baby Kara became quite fussy and demanded milk and nutrients from Mama Lyanne the whole night, almost once every hour.

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