Monday, February 22, 2010

Gwan Yu!

This morning, baby Kara took a shower with the new heater that papa Matt got for her yesterday.  Papa Wong had gotten another heater previously, but did not like the Sunbeam heater as much as the current Honeywell heater.

This morning also marks the first day that papa Wong is working for the first time since baby Kara's birth.  His boss was nice enough to allow him to work from home this first week only, so that the transition will be a little easier.

Today was also the day that baby Kara's middle name is set in stone.  Since her first day out of mama Lyanne's womb, her chinese name was picked out by Grandma (嫲嫲) and Grandpa (爺爺).  It was going to be "君渝," but papa Matt and mama Lyanne could not decide on the phonetic way to spell "君渝" in English.  Before, they were debating between the spelling of "Kwan Yu", "Kwon Yu" or "Kwun Yu".  After getting help from all of papa Wong's aunties (Martha, Kitty, Lena and Tammy), they have decided on "Gwan Yu."  Today, the hospital birth coordinator called asking for the final spelling, so that baby Kara's birth certificate could be processed and printed.  So it is now settled, baby Kara's full name is Kara Gwan Yu Wong.  Papa Matt went to the hospital in the afternoon, and signed all the necessary paperwork for the birth record.

It is now official.  That is the name that is going to be on her birth certificate, and on her first social security card! 

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