Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr. Jonathan Auth (again?)

Today was another follow-up jaundice check for baby Kara. She now weighs 6 pounds, 6 ounces. No gain in weight. Her bili level dropped a little bit to 13.5 (from 13.9 yesterday). Today's newborn doctor at Valencia Pediatrics was Dr. Jonathan Auth...the same doctor who saw baby Kara on the very first day in the hospital, but yet neglected to see her on the second day before her discharge from the hospital.

Dr. Auth made sure that he spent extra time answering questions and concerns that papa Matt and mama Lyanne had this time around. He was in the exam room with us for almost 30 minutes. Papa Matt was concerned about baby Kara's bili-level, especially since baby Kara came off the photo-therapy treatment at midnight. He fears that the bili-level may have creeped back up since the light was turned off. Dr. Auth doubted that would happen, but understand papa Matt's concerns. He ordered baby Kara to return tomorrow for a quick jaundice check, and if it continues to go down, that proves that there are no worries for baby Kara's jaundice. Dr. Auth was so sure that his diagnosis is correct, that he predicted that baby Kara's jaundice level would be around 11 tomorrow.

We shall patiently wait and see....let's all keep our fingers cross and hope he is correct!!

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