Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doctor Brian Kirschner

Today was just like yesterday. Baby Kara woke up, changed, and got ready for a visit to Valencia Pediatrics. Her doctor today was Dr. Brian Kirschner. He evaluated the effect of the Bili-level, and assessed the effects from the short time that she was under the light treatment. Papa Matt were quite impressed with Dr. Kirschner's memory. Typically, a doctor would walk into an exam room with a clipboard or a laptop. In his case, he actually took the time to review the reports before seeing baby Kara and was able to remember the entire case off of his memory. He remembered the weight and the Bili level from yesterday and today. Today, baby Kara gained 3 ounces; she now weighs 6 pounds 3 ounces. However, her Bili level is still 17. Papa Matt and Mama Lyanne were quite concerned about the fact that baby Kara has no poopy diaper yet.

In the afternoon, Great Yee-Ma, Grandma (嫲嫲), and Great Uncle Ho came to the house to visit. Grandma (嫲嫲) also started to help Papa Matt and Mama Lyanne to cook some soup. While Grandma (嫲嫲) was cooking soup for Mama Lyanne, baby Kara got 2 ounces of formula from Great Yee-Ma. After that big feeding, she was sound asleep for 4 hours!!

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