Monday, February 15, 2010

Quiet Monday?

Monday was a quiet day in the Wong's household....just the way Papa Wong preferred it to be. In fact, Papa Wong wanted at least a week of quiet time with just the three of them.

Little did Papa Wong know, it was not exactly quiet, as they were still trying to get used to baby Kara's new feeding schedule. Baby Kara was not full and was feeding every half hour purely on mama Lyanne's colostrum, so we had to supplement baby Kara's feeding with formula.

In the afternoon, Great Auntie Jeannie drove Great Grandma (太婆), Grandma (婆婆), First Cousin once removed, Katherine, and First Cousin once removed Jayden (2 years old) to the house, and visited baby Kara. They left shortly before dinner, and baby Kara was very well behaved through the entire visit.

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