Sunday, March 14, 2010

One-Month Dinner

Mama and Papa Wong are now starting to realize that for every outing trip with baby Kara, they would need at least 2 full hours (or more) to get ready. The 1st hour (or an hour and a half), mama Lyanne would nurse baby Kara for 20 minutes and then give baby Kara a bath. After that, baby Kara gets bottle feeding until she's full. While baby Kara is content, Mama and Papa Wong can now get themselves ready. Also, the new routine for Mama and Papa Wong before getting out the door, is to make sure they have all the diaper needs, enough milk bottles, and extra change of clothes for baby Kara. With all these things to bring along, including baby Kara's travel bed and mama Lyanne's breast pump, being a first time parent, mama and papa Wong felt like they were packing for a big road trip.

Today was baby Kara's longest car ride, 45 minutes to Great Yee-Ma's house. She slept through the entire car ride. Soon after we arrived at Yee-Ma's house, baby Kara woke from her nap and cried for her feeding. After breastfeeding from mama Lyanne, Great Yee-Ma bottled fed baby Kara (this is her 2nd time feeding baby Kara since her birth). At this time, Great Uncle Ho, Great Aunt Winnie and cousin once removed Prisca came by to see baby Kara for the first time (Great Uncle Ho's 2nd time). It was a day for baby Kara to be in the spotlight!

Baby Kara soon fell asleep after her feeding. Shortly after, papa Matt went to church for his weekly Sacristan volunteer duties at St Therese's Catholic Church while mama Lyanne and baby Kara stayed at Great Yee-Ma's house, allowing more time for Great Yee-Ma to bond and see baby Kara.

For dinner, we invited everyone to Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant to celebrate baby Kara's one month old birthday. To make sure baby Kara doesn't fuss during dinner, mama Lyanne had planned to wake baby Kara up for feeding just before driving to the restaurant so that she would sleep through the entire dinner. Baby Kara must have read mama Lyanne's mind because she automatically woke up on her own an hour before heading out. Surely enough, baby Kara slept through the entire dinner just as mama Lyanne wanted! Great Uncle Ho complimented baby Kara for being a good girl during dinner.  Dinner tonight included twelve red eggs, lobster with noodles, chicken feet soup, and fresh fish.

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