Thursday, February 25, 2010

Visit from Uncle Ton, Uncle Mike, Auntie Jane, and Auntie Jennifer Herrera

It was a quiet Thursday morning for the Wong family. Grandma (婆婆) went home shortly after 10am, allowing baby Kara to spend quiet family time with mama Lyanne and papa Matt. 

Later in the evening, Uncle Mike, Auntie Jane and Auntie Jennifer came by with dinner and visited baby Kara.  They showed up around 5:30pm, and surprised papa Matt and mama Lyanne, as the Wongs were execting them closer to 7pm.  Papa Matt scurried the dogs outside to the garage while the guests entered through the front door.  What papa Matt forgot was that the side gate was not secured properly, as landscapers have been working in the backyard all morning long.  Once papa Matt got Kooki out to the garage, he heard barking down the street.  Papa Matt left his guests momentarily to look outside, and realized that Tobi and Wiley have both gone out of the side gate and started to bark at the neighbors.  Papa Matt quickly went out to the front yard, and yelled "Tobi and Wiley."  Not too long afterwards, Tobi and Wiley ran back home, and papa Matt secured the gate and made sure that all three dogs were locked inside the garage.

Once all the dogs were secured, he attended to his guests.  It turned out that they brought lots of ingredients from 99 Ranch.  Before everyone is settled, Uncle Mike went into the kitchen and started to make a cucumber and pressed bean curd salad.  They also brought rice noodles and dumplings.  For dessert, they brought ice cream.  Auntie Jane was the first to play with baby Kara.  They all took turns playing with Kara, and also helped the Wongs get dinner ready.

Mama Lyanne suggested to papa Matt to kick the dogs outside in the backyard.  As soon as papa Matt got all three dogs outside, Wiley (almost on cue) started to seize.  It's almost like he was seizing to show his displeasure of being kicked outside.  Papa Matt quickly fed the dogs medicine, and gave them a tray of food for dinner.  During this time, uncle Mike sang "You are my sunshine" to baby Kara so well that baby Kara fell asleep in his arms.

While papa Matt was tending to the dogs, Uncle Ton arrived with cousin Ellie.  Cousin Ellie has grown so much!!!  She's a big girl now, and she's going to be able to show baby Kara the ropes.

It was dinner time.  Everyone settled around the dinner table for those wonderful dumplings, noodles, and salad.  Baby Kara took the opportunity to catch some Zs, but she was just too excited at the amount of people inside the house that she constantly reminded everyone that she was resting in the family room.  Cousin Ellie pulled up a chair of her own, and sat there watching all the adults enjoy their dinner.  At one point, cousin Ellie demanded that she has some of those good food at the table as well.

After auntie Jane and mama Lyanne were done with dinner, they both fed cousin Ellie and baby Kara their dinner...breastmilk!!  Baby Kara and cousin Ellie enjoyed their dinner, and they both fell asleep in their mothers' arms.  Dinner conversations continued with papa Matt, uncle Ton, uncle Mike, and Auntie Jennifer.

Before you even blink another eye, it was already 10pm.  Everyone still has to work tomorrow, and decided it was time to go home.  Unfortunately, we totally forgot about the wonderful ice cream that auntie Jane, auntie Jennifer, and uncle Mike brought over.  Oh well, there's always next time when they visit!

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