Monday, May 3, 2010

Kara with Yee-Po

Every Sunday, papa and mama Wong try their best to take baby Kara to see Yee-Po. Yee-Po loves spending time and gets very happy to see baby Kara. Baby Kara, as usual, gives Yee-Po her full attention and responds back with her jibber jabber baby babbling talk.

At 2.5 months, baby Kara's legs are very strong (and so is her neck). Side tracking about her neck, mama Lyanne forgot to point out that, within the 2nd day after birth, baby Kara was able to lift her own head up for a split second. It was 1.5-2 days after baby Kara was born. Great Uncle Hoa, Great Auntie Yvanna, and Great Grandmother came to the hospital to visit mama Lyanne and see baby Kara. At the time, mama Lyanne had just finish nursing and was in the middle of burping baby Kara (in the sitting position). Of course, being just a newborn, leaning forward in a sitting position had baby Kara's head looking downward. But when Auntie Yvanna was talking and came closer to look at her new grand niece, baby Kara (being noisy and curious) heard her voice and immediately lifted her head up to see who was talking to her. After satisfying her curiosity, baby Kara let her head drop back down to finish her burp. If it wasn't for Great Auntie Yvanna, along with Great Grandmother and Great Uncle Hoa, being there to witness it, no one would believe the story. Right then, Great Grandmother had predicted that baby Kara will be a very noisy girl!

Now, back to baby Kara's legs. Yes, she also has very strong legs. Baby Kara is able to 'stand' when you hold her in a standing position. She is able to hold up her weight. This development also had Yee-Po predicting baby Kara will be able to walk early.

Every month, papa and mama Wong keeps track of baby Kara's development. As of now, baby Kara is well beyond her milestones. She gets startled at loud noise, smiles when people talk to her, turns toward loud noise, goos and gas, and hold head steady when upright. The only thing that she needs work on is her tummy time. She can lift her head up, but only for a short time. But no worries on that! Mama Lyanne will make sure baby Kara gets her practice at home.

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