Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Months Old

Two days ago, baby Kara just turned 3 months old! Mama Lyanne thinks baby Kara met all of her 'should have' developmental milestones, but papa Matt thinks baby Kara needs work on lifting her head up on tummy time. At this age, she can reach for toys and grasp with her fingers. Because she likes to grasp for things nearby, during feeding, baby Kara likes to grab onto the bottle. For now, she is not strong enough to hold the bottle on her own and she is not willing to hold it for the entire duration of her feeding, but we will work on it. Another new development is being able to laugh out loud and hold hands together. The first time she laughed out loud was for the dogs. She saw Tobi (the black dog) walked by and started laughing in delight. Other old developments that she have already completed include smile, squeal in delight, hold head steady, bear weight on legs, baby talk and turn towards noise.

Every time mama Lyanne take baby Kara to visit Great Grandmother, Great Grandmother keep pointing out how much baby Kara looks like mama Lyanne when she was a baby. That comment made mama Lyanne curious and wanted to check if it was true. She took pictures of baby Kara with the same pose as mama Lyanne's baby picture pose, and compared (see below).

The age might not be the same, but not bad eh? Mama Lyanne tried looking for papa Matt's baby pictures and see if there's any baby Kara's resemblance. Surprisingly, baby Kara resembled Uncle Gabe's baby picture almost to the exact!

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