Friday, May 21, 2010

Dinner with Auntie Jenny Wang Before She Leaves CA

Today, the Wong family met up with Auntie Jenny Wang and a few other friends at Pho 999 for dinner before she heads out to Africa for Peace Corps volunteer program. During the 20-30 minute ride to Pho 999, baby Kara fell asleep in the car. Papa Matt manage to get baby Kara out of the car and onto the Snap-N-Go without waking her up. However, a few minutes in the restaurant, baby Kara woke up. Because of being awaken for such a short nap, baby Kara was definitely still groggy. And when baby Kara is groggy or sleepy, she was not active at all.

Baby Kara got to meet Uncle Phong and Uncle Ruben for the first time. Auntie Jane, Uncle Ton, Uncle Mike and Auntie Jenny all wanted to play with baby Kara, but they couldn't get much reaction out of her.

At one point, uncle Ton let baby Kara use cousin Ellie's BeBePod and had her sitting on the table. Cousin Ellie also wanted to play with baby Kara. She would pat baby Kara's head, touch her hair and even play with baby Kara's ears, and still got no reactions out of baby Kara. Baby Kara didn't even move or flinch!

Baby Kara managed to stay awake throughout the entire dinner but with no interactions. Towards the end, when everyone was ready to leave, baby Kara's crankiness came out full blast! Mama Lyanne and Papa Matt had to stay in the parking lot for a good 30 minute to an hour to get baby Kara to calm down. At the time, mama Lyanne couldn't figure out what baby Kara was crying for. She thought maybe baby Kara was crying for milk but baby Kara didn't seem to want milk and continued to cry and cry. Finally, papa Matt told mama Lyanne to just strap baby Kara in the carseat and drive home. After a few minutes of disagreeing, mama Lyanne finally agreed to let baby Kara cry it out in the car. But as soon as the car started and a few minutes into the drive, baby Kara stopped crying and fell asleep shortly after. Deja vu? Yep. This behavior of baby Kara being cranky and crying for sleep was still fairly new for mama Lyanne and papa Matt that it hasn't really sinked into their heads to have it as a check list for baby Kara's crying. But now that it has happened often enough that mama Lyanne will put that into baby Kara's personality list.

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