Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kara and her Active Legs

Baby Kara has been doing a lot of silly things with her legs. Mama Lyanne have some pictures and video proof of some examples but other examples she doesn't. Early on, as soon as baby Kara was able to kick her legs, she would be able to kick off her pants entirely off of her legs! There were many times where mama Lyanne would put a pair of long pants on baby Kara to keep her warm and walk away to do things around the house (baby Kara is not mobile yet so mama Lyanne feels safe to walk away for a few minutes). And each time mama Lyanne came back to check on baby Kara, her pants would be lying a few inches away from her feet while her legs were exposed to the cold chilly air in the house. The first time around, mama Lyanne thought she was losing her mind. But after awhile, and having witnessed baby Kara's 'kicking pants off' ability, mama Lyanne was glad that she wasn't going crazy. To combat baby Kara's kicking ability, mama Lyanne resorted to the long pants onesies. Even then, once baby Kara starts kicking, her legs wouldn't stay in her pant legging. Her legs would be all bunched up in the

belly area of the onesie while the pant legging just hangs lose without any legs in them. The closest proof of her wild legs was just 2 days ago when, but this time around, baby Kara kicked so hard that her foot managed to escape out of the opening in between the buttons of her onesie near her belly area. This happened when papa Matt had set her down to change her diaper.

Along with kicking her pants off, baby Kara also kicks her blankey off and mama Lyanne captured it on video! Now-a-days, to keep baby Kara warm during the night, mama Lyanne would layer baby Kara with thick clothes so that if baby Kara kicks her blanket off in the middle of the night, she would still be warm. That was also tricky to do because mama Lyanne had to balance between not having too much clothes where baby Kara would start fussing over being too hot and not have too little clothes where baby Kara might get cold without a blanket. For during the day time, mama Lyanne came up with the idea of burrito wrapping baby Kara with a blanket. This means that the blanket would be tucked underneath her, almost like eggroll style. The burrito wrapping method only works 50% of the time. The other 50% is when baby Kara wins the kicking battle.

The picture above is off topic, but baby Kara has a tendency to rub her eyes and face every time she's sleepy for nap time. Mama Lyanne wasn't sure whether baby Kara really wanted to cover her eyes with her arms or whether this is just a coincident. Who knows...only time will tell.

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