Thursday, April 22, 2010

2-month Old Well Check

Today was baby Kara's 2 month old pediatrician appointment. It was also the start of the many immunization shots baby Kara had to take. As usual, the nurse checked baby Kara's weight and height. She weighed 9 lbs 15 oz and measured 23 inches tall. Dr Mc Cormick came in to check baby Kara's developmental progress including her physical check. Everything checked out well and now time for her shots! At 2 months, baby Kara was scheduled to take 5 shots plus 1 oral! After Dr Mc Cormick left, the nurse came back in with all the shots ready on a tray. Baby Kara was placed on the exam bed and the nurse started her with the oral vaccination (for rotavirus) in a form of a sugary syrup. Baby Kara, not knowing what's to come, enjoyed the syrup very much. She was making loud slurping/licking noises with her tongue. It was quite cute to see. If she only knew what was coming. After she finished the syrup, the nurse had mama Lyanne hold baby Kara's arms down firm on the exam bed while the nurse gave 2 needle shots on one leg and 3 on the other, all back to back. Each needle poke came with a loud painful cry from baby Kara. It was so loud that it made mama Lyanne teared up. That was when mama Lyanne decided that papa Matt should take the responsibility of holding baby Kara down on her next appointment. After the last shot, we were cleared to go home and baby Kara calmed down shortly after. The 5 shots made baby Kara very tired and she napped 4 hrs straight.

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