Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo at Uncle Mike's

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Uncle Mike's with Auntie Jennifer, Auntie Jane, Uncle Ton and cousin Ellie. The dinner was, of course, delicious Mexican food.

Now-a-days, when we pack for baby Kara to go out, we bring the play mat for her to enjoy. She was happy and fine for the fist half of the evening. However, shortly after dinner, baby Kara started to cry and cry. Mama Lyanne and papa Matt couldn't figure out whether she was crying because of being too hot or whether it was because she wanted her nap. Mama Lyanne tried to rock her to sleep, but baby Kara wouldn't have it. She cried and she cried!

So mama Lyanne took her clothes off to see if she was hot and maybe she wanted to cool down. It helped stop her cry momentarily, but after a few minutes she cried and cried again. She cried so loud that we decided to head home.

Baby Kara continued to cry in her car seat and inside the car waiting for papa Matt to finish his conversation with Uncle Mike. But as soon as the car engine started and started driving home, baby Kara stopped crying. A few minutes into the drive, she fell asleep! At hind's sight, baby Kara wanted her nap. Yes, that's one of the few fusses about baby Kara. Besides crying for milk, wanting to be burped, being too hot, she also cries for sleep/nap time. Amazingly, we haven't had baby Kara cry for diaper change. Maybe that's because mama Lyanne and papa Matt have been good about changing out her diapers. =)

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