Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More of Kara's Silliness

This week, baby Kara started to play with her toes. She turns her body to one side and brings her legs up. This position also makes baby Kara want to roll over. In the video, baby Kara would try and try to roll over on her belly, but she couldn't because she hasn't figured out how to move her arm out of the way. Her arm is like a bumper stopper. Let's see how long it will take baby Kara to roll over...

Back to baby Kara's silliness. Mama Lyanne was able to capture a picture evidence of baby Kara trying to kick off her pants. Baby Kara started her kicking and was about to kick off her pants. But as soon as baby Kara saw mama Lyanne with the camera, she stopped her kicking and started to swing her arms wanting to play with mama Lyanne. The pictures looked as though baby Kara was doing karate moves, "hay-ya!"


Lastly is baby Kara's sleeping habbit. Yep, it's confirmed. It's not a coincident. When she gets tired, baby Kara likes to have her hands on or near her face to scratch, rub or cover it in some ways.  This time, she was covering her nose, "Who farted?"

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