Monday, May 24, 2010

Bumbo Seat

Papa Matt and mama Lyanne have been entertaining the idea of getting baby Kara her own infant seat. The debate was between a Bumbo seat or BeBePod. (They're designed to help infant learn how to sit on their own.) Papa and mama Wong decided to buy both, let baby Kara test drive each seat for a week and determine which fits her better or which she likes more. Bumbo seat was only offered at Target store, so we got that first while the BeBePod was being delivered Site-to-Store at Walmart. Today was her first day to test it out. The pictures make a good cartoon/comic story. Check out the caption for mama Lyanne's interpretation of baby Kara's thoughts.

Hmm...this is boring.
Where'd you go, doggy?
Oh, well. No more doddy.
Hmm...what's this here?
Oh, mommy is holding that flashy thingamajig again.
Ooh, doggy over there!

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