Monday, May 10, 2010

Kara's 1st Day at Day Care

Yes, today was baby Kara's 1st day at Yamuna's Day Care (Yammi for short). It was quite a day for mama Lyanne. After this morning, mama Lyanne now understand why mothers have such a hard time leaving their baby with another person's care, especially when the person taking care of her baby is a stranger! When mama and papa Wong arrived at Yammi's place, mama Lyanne felt fine. She was so sure that she'll have no problem going to work today, especially after how well it went on Friday. Oh boy...mama Lyanne was so wrong! When auntie Yammi opened the door, mama Lyanne handed auntie Yammi all of baby Kara's diaper and milk needs. Mama Lyanne was worried that auntie Yammi will have a hard time understanding baby Kara, especially on the first day so she proceeded to tell auntie Yammi all the reasons why baby Kara would cry; how baby Kara fusses during her feeding because she needed to get rid of a burp otherwise she won't continue, and how baby Kara cries really really loud if she's too hot, so on and so forth.

"Ok, I think that's about it, " mama Lyanne said to auntie Yammi. "Everything you need is in here (pointing to baby Kara's diaper bag). Her diaper cream, pacifier and extra bottle nipple are in the small pocket," said mama Lyanne. "Now, I just need to get myself out of your house," said mama Lyanne as she realized that she didn't want to leave.

Auntie Yammi wanted to re-assure mama Lyanne that it's normal so she told mama Lyanne the story of how she saw one of the mother cried in the parking lot for at least 30 minutes before driving off to work. And for some reason, that story somehow acted like a switch button and the next thing mama Lyanne felt were tears running down her cheeks. It wasn't just a single tear, but it was like a fountain of water. It came so unexpectedly that it even surprised mama Lyanne herself. It was such a sudden rush of emotions going through mama Lyanne, thinking all the possible 'what if' scenario that made mama Lyanne became more and more worried by the minute. What if auntie Yammi is not a good babysitter, letting baby Kara cry and cry all day? What if auntie Yammi don't understand what baby Kara wants or needs? All of these 'what if's' wasn't doing any good for mama Lyanne.

Even after mama Lyanne got to work, and just telling her co-workers what happened made mama Lyanne teared up again. An hour into work, mama Lyanne was back to her normal self again. She only made 1 phone call to auntie Yammi at 10am to check if things were OK with baby Kara and mama Lyanne couldn't wait to pick up baby Kara again.

430pm came around and mama Lyanne was packed and ready to leave work. She went to pick up papa Matt from Medtronic in Northridge, then papa Matt drove the rest of the way to aunti Yammi's place. Mama Lyanne couldn't wait to get baby Kara that, as soon as papa pulled up to the drive way, mama Lyanne was already unbuckling her seat belt and ready to rush out the car even before papa Matt had a chance to turn the engine off. Mama Lyanne was so happy to see baby Kara. It was clear that baby Kara had no problem staying at Day Care. In fact, baby Kara had a lot of fun interacting with all the big kids as we all know how noisy and chattery baby Kara can be.

By day 2, mama Lyanne was completely fine. No tears, no worrisome and no more 'what if's'. The rush of emotions came as quickly as it went.

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