Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kara Rolling Over!

When papa and mama Wong went to pick up baby Kara after work from Day Care, the babysitter, auntie Yamuna (Yammi for short) gave them the wonderful news that baby Kara can roll over on her own! Mama is so excited to see this with her own eyes that as soon as she got home, she took baby Kara straight to her crib with a camera to capture the moment. At first, baby Kara couldn't roll over in the crib. It was evident that baby Kara was getting frustrated too. The contour of the crib mattress seemed to cause baby Kara to 'bounce' back on her back each time she tries to give herself momentum to roll forward.

After couple failed attempts in the crib, mama Lyanne decided to put baby Kara on her play area on the floor. Within seconds on the floor, baby Kara got herself to roll over! You can see that she was happy and smiling and delighted with a sense of proudness that she accomplished her goal of rolling over. Once again, everytime baby Kara saw mama Lyanne with the camera, baby Kara stopped whatever she was doing and just stared at the camera.

At one point baby Kara couldn't roll over on one side, so she was smart enough to roll over on the other side. Rolling over is such a new thing for baby Kara that she'll roll over everytime mama Lyanne put her on her back, even for bedtime. With this new skill, mama Lyanne would wait couple hours after baby Kara fell asleep (or wake up in the middle of the night) to turn baby Kara back on her back. She wants to make sure that baby Kara is breathing fresh air and not her own recirculated carbon dioxide breath, which can be very harmful for babies. So even though mama Lyanne has the luxury to sleep through the night, she would still wake up at least 1-3 times a night just to check on baby Kara.

Going back to past blog, May 16 was when baby Kara first showed her initial interest in wanting (or at least trying) to roll over. Now, June 8, it took her 3 weeks to master the skill. Don't know if that's slow or fast, but it's just good to know.

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