Monday, April 5, 2010

Kara Time!

Baby Kara is one week away from 2 months old! During the day time, mama Lyanne brings Kara down stairs with her portable day bed. Where ever Kara goes, the bed goes with her. It's almost like a 2nd home for her. She doesn't leave the bed unless she needs to feed, diaper change, bath or just being picked up by mama Lyanne or papa Matt for play/stimulation time.

Kara's first time sitting on her own (with the help of extra blankets by her tummy and gravity of course).

Papa Matt came home from work to play with baby Kara. He talks to baby Kara in Cantonese and baby Kara would smile and respond with her baby talk. "A-goo-wa" and "ah-wa" are her famous lines when she's happy and satisfied.

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