Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pizza Night at Uncle Ton and Auntie Jane's

Today was 'pizza night' at uncle Ton and Auntie Jane's apt. Uncle Mike and Auntie Jenny was also there. It was Auntie Jenny's first time seeing baby Kara.

After eating a humongous pizza, mama Lyanne had to change baby Kara's diaper. While doing so, uncle Mike was also lying on the floor next to baby Kara, so he took a head shot just to show how tiny baby Kara's head is compared to uncle Mike's head. After seeing that, we couldn't resist but to add cousin Ellie to the snap shot. Cousin Ellie, at 6.5 months, did not want to lie down and auntie Jane had to hold her down for the picture.

After a clean diaper and a full belly, baby Kara is fast asleep on uncle Mike. It was nice and cozy!

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