Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kara and her Play Mat

Auntie Betty bought baby Kara a play mat. She loves the mat and keeps her active and excited. Baby Kara's favorite toys are the mirror, rattler and the soft stuffed happy face toy. The mirror was a great way to bring out her social skills. She loves looking at the mirror because she thinks she's talking to another baby. She gets excited every time she's on the play mat. So much that she flails her arms and kicks her legs...a great workout tool! The rattler and the soft happy face toys hang low enough that she can touch them during her wild flailing and kicking. And when she does touch them, they make noises which makes her get excited all over again. Eventually, it will encourage her to learn how to reach out with her hands and fingers to grab the toys. All in all, it's a great developmental toy.

Papa Matt came by to distract baby Kara. But that's ok because baby Kara loves the human interaction. She's very attentive, curious, and loves to chat with anyone who talks to her. It's so cute to hear her baby talk!

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