Saturday, March 20, 2010

Visit from Grandma Before Heading Back to HK

Today, papa Matt and mama Lyanne went with Kara to Alhambra and visit Great Yee-Ma and Grandma.  This was Grandma's last weekend here in Los Angeles before she goes back home to Hong Kong.

When papa Matt got to the house, he went with Grandma to go grocery shop, while baby Kara and mama Lyanne stayed at home with Great Yee-ma.  Papa Matt and Grandma purchased a small live red fish for dinner.  They also bought 3-4 portions of pork meat to make soup.  After grocery shopping, Grandma and Great Yee-ma went to church while papa Matt, mama Lyanne and baby Kara rested at the house. During that time, Great Aunt Winnie came by to see if baby Kara was awake so she can play with her, but with no luck. Baby Kara was asleep and she didn't want to wake her up. Shortly after Grandma and Great Yee-ma came home from church, we had dinner. Baby Kara was a good girl because she slept through the hour during dinner. 

After dinner, baby Kara, mama Lyanne and papa Matt drove Grandma back to their house.  Grandma was going to spend the night at the house, so that papa Matt can drive her straight to the aiport and send Grandma off on an airplane. When they got home, baby Kara was awake, allowing Grandma to have play time with her. Grandma also had the chance to take pictures of baby Kara with her eyes open!

The next morning, after dropping Grandma off at the airport, papa Matt met mama Lyanne and baby Kara at New Capital Restaurant for dim sum.  They were meeting mama Lyanne's side of the family for baby Kara's "one month" celebration.

After lunch and a big get-together, everyone went home to rest.

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