Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visiting Relatives

Today, baby Kara went to visit all her relatives on mama Lyanne's side of the family. Since baby Kara missed Great Grandma's birthday party on Feb 28th, Mama Lyanne promised to bring her out to see her relatives as soon as she reached one month old. All this week and last week, papa Matt have been working very late (almost until close to midnight on certain days). Since papa Matt hadn't had much time to bond with baby Kara because of working late, mama Lyanne had planned to be out all afternoon and well into the night visiting relatives and then surprise papa Matt at his work before heading back home.

The first stop was to see Great Grandma and then Great Aunt Van since their houses are literally on the same block, 2-3 houses apart. Mama Lyanne purposefully picked Thursday to go visit relatives because it was the only day Great Aunt Van had the day off. Mama Lyanne stopped by Great Uncle Benny's house first to see Great Grandma but Great Grandma wasn't there. Great Uncle Benny came out to let mama Lyanne know what Great Grandma was at Great Aunt Van's house, and at the same time, he got to see baby Kara for couple minutes.

Next stop was at Great Aunt Van's house. Both Great Grandma and Great Aunt Van were very excited to see baby Kara. Mama Lyanne and baby Kara spent a good couple hours there. Even Great Aunt Jeannie was able to see baby Kara, after coming home from work. Twice removed cousin Kevin, Katherine and Jaden were also there to see baby Kara. For the most part, baby Kara was a good girl. She was awake for a good 30 minutes or so for Great Grandma and Great Aunt Van to play with her. At one point, baby Kara was able to show Great Grandma her ability to interact with people and follow her gaze to the sound of noise. For example, baby Kara was laying on her travel bed, facing the wall, until Great Grandma came by to talk to her. Within seconds of hearing Great Grandma's voice, baby Kara turned her head towards the direction of that sound, curious to see who was talking to her. Great Grandma was so surprised and happy.

Next stop was at Great Aunt Dau's house. Before leaving Great Aunt Van's house, baby Kara just had her feeding. So while at Great Aunt Dao's house, baby Kara slept the whole time. Only cousins, once removed, Leslie and Joanna were there to see baby Kara while Christian and Christina were out with friends. Mama Lyanne and baby Kara stayed for an hour until 10pm, waiting for Christian and Christina to get home, but with no luck. Oh well, there will always be a next time!