Monday, March 22, 2010

Play Time with Kara

Today was just a quiet ordinary day. Baby Kara's routine is mostly eat and sleep. During the night baby Kara has been good about sleeping through 4 hrs, 5 hrs, and some times 6 hrs straight. However, during the day time, she is awake more frequently and sleeps only about 2-4hrs each time. Right around noon time is usually when she gets a bath. Every time baby Kara is awake, mama Lyanne would spend extra time to play with her and stimulate her mind (usually before and after feeding). Baby Kara is now more alert and active. She smiles a lot more. And, when you talk to her, she'll try to 'talk' back with her baby noise. It's quite fun to hear her! 

Since papa Matt is usually at work all day and only have a few hours to bond with baby Kara when he gets home, mama Lyanne would let papa Matt do all of baby Kara's bottle feeding. Mama Lyanne also have papa Matt bond with baby Kara at every chance that she's awake, that way she can bond with him as well. 

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