Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4-Month Old Appointment

Today was baby Kara's 4-month old pediatrician appointment. She weighed 11 lbs 1 oz and 24 inches tall. Comparatively, baby Kara's weight is at 10 percentile and 40 percentile for her height. Baby Kara was also scheduled for yet another set of shots again. After much debate and research, mama and papa Wong have agreed to minimize the number of shots per doctor's visit to 2. They will still have baby Kara complete all of the immunization requirements, but just at a delayed schedule.

Baby Kara seemed to either know she's going to get shots or maybe she remembered the doctor's face and nurse from her 2-month appointment that she cried everytime Dr McCormick came close to examine her. Some might say that it could stranger anxiety, but mama Lyanne doesn't think so because baby Kara didn't cry when Dr McCormick played with her, including the nurse. But as soon as they started to do examinations and put baby Kara on the examine bench, baby Kara started to cry. And when mama Lyanne picked her up off of the examine bench and have the doctor examine baby Kara in mama Lyanne's arms, baby Kara would tolerate it, but she still led out a whining sound. After the doctor finished her examination and left the room, the nurse came in with a tray containing the shots. This time, baby Kara had to be placed on the examine bench. She didn't cry at first, but when the nurse gave her the oral vaccination for rotavirus, baby Kara cried and cried, as if she knew that this was a precursor to the shots. If you remember, at the 2-month appointment, baby Kara enjoyed the oral sugary syrup, slurping at each drop in her mouth. But now, she wouldn't care to have it and just wanted out. After the oral syrup, baby Kara got her DTap and HIB vaccine. Like always, baby Kara led out a loud painful cry and fell asleep as soon as the car started driving.

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