Friday, June 18, 2010

Auntie Katherine's HS Graduation

Today was auntie Katherine's graduation. Mama and papa Wong got off of work early so that they can go pick up baby Kara by 5pm and head back to San Fernando Valley before 630pm. On the way back, the Wong family stopped at a store to buy a lei but sinse there were none they ended up buying a bouquet of flowers and an ice cream cake. Because of the ice cream cake, papa Matt decided to drop mama Lyanne and baby Kara off at Chatsworth High School first while he went to drop the ice cream cake at Uncle Benny's house. Last year's graduation for uncle Kevin (that's when baby Kara was still a tiny fertilized embryo inside mama Lyanne's tummy!), the staff closed off the football field right at 630pm. Knowing that and with the crowded parking situation, mama Lyanne was sure that papa Matt would not be able to join her and baby Kara inside at the ceremony. But to mama Lyanne's surprise, the gate was left open until 7pm which was right when papa Matt arrived just on time before they closed the gate and mama Lyanne was glad he can join her and baby Kara.

During the graduation ceremony, baby Kara got to meet uncle Long for the first time. She also had a chance to spend time with grandmother (婆婆). Uncle Kevin also came down from the bleachers to take pictures of baby Kara. Because baby Kara just had her head shaved off at her 4m birthday, mama Lyanne had baby Kara wore a hat. Cute, isn't she? Hehe.

When the ceremony ended, Auntie Katherine took her cap off to let Great Uncle Hoa take a picture with it. Then one of the uncles or maybe even auntie Katherine decided to put the cap on baby Kara's head.

After that, all of the aunties got together to take pictures with auntie Katherine including mama Lyanne. Then came the uncles with their wacky faces followed by the entire Wong family with uncle Jayden. And of course more family pictures with Great Grandma and Great Auntie Van (picture not shown).

Uncle Jayden loves to play with baby Kara every time mama Lyanne bring her by to visit. His newest skill is giving people kisses (he still need more practice). Basically, he kisses people by bringing his cheeks up against the other person's cheek. Just at that time, baby Kara decided to show uncle Jayden the correct way of giving a kiss! Hehe.

Just before heading back to aunti Katherine's house, uncle Christian decided to get the gang do one last silly pose. While all the uncles and aunties positioning their arms, mama Lyanne and Great Uncle Hoa tried to get uncle Jayden to add his arms infront of auntie Katherine. But with all the commotions, uncle Jayden got confused and slightly scared that he ended up hugging auntie Katherine's legs instead. At the end, they finally got uncle Jayden to face forward with his arms out (picture not shown).
Finally, everyone went back to auntie Katherine's house to continue their foolishness, being silly and laugh some more. At this time, baby Kara was getting a bit cranky for nap, so mama Lyanne got baby Kara to nap in auntie Katherine's room. It was so loud and people going in and out of the room, that baby Kara was only able to nap for 30 minutes. By the time dinner was over and everyone got their ice cream cake, it was already close to 10pm and time to go home. Mama Lyanne and papa Matt dropped grandma (婆婆) and uncle Long off at their house before heading home to end the long but fun day.

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