Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kara in Her Car Seat

Tis true. Baby Kara spends a lot of time in her car seat. Because of the recent head shaving, mama Lyanne have been putting a hat on baby Kara when she goes out. For the most part, the hat doesn't bother baby Kara until she gets sleepy. When she wants her nap, she'll spend couple minutes sucking her finger with one hand and the other hand would touch her face/head in one way or another. With the hat on her head, baby Kara now likes to pull the hat down covering her eyes. She didn't fuss about it either. It seemed like she enjoyed having her eyes covered. Everytime baby Kara pulled the hat down, mama Lyanne would pull it back up. Within seconds, baby Kara would pull it back down again. To some point, it turned into a game for baby Kara laughing each time mama Lyanne pulled the hat up.

"To be or not to be.....zzz."

Lately, baby Kara has been drooling a lot. People say that drooling is the first sign of teething or an indication that teething will start soon. Baby Kara has been drooling for awhile. Just today, she started to show fussiness that seemed like she might be experiencing teething pain. It was also her first time crying in the car seat while the car was driving. It wasn't time for feeding yet, but mama Lyanne tried giving baby Kara a bottle. Of course, she didn't want it. Mama Lyanne checked her diaper, and it wasn't dirty. Couple minutes later, she was quiet and happy. Mama Lyanne looked over and saw baby Kara gnawing on her toy and rubbing the toy against her mouth. And when the toy dropped out of her mouth, baby Kara started to fuss again. It could be a coincident, but mama Lyanne thinks baby Kara is teething.
Did you notice the earrings in her ears? Yesiree. Baby Kara got her ear pierced yesterday. She was a trooper. She didn't cry for long. She only cried for the split second of being pierced and stopped crying within couple seconds of consoling her.
Lastly, baby Kara was allowed to play with grass with her hands yesterday. Her first time playing with grass was around Memorial week when she touched the grass with her feet. In both times, you can tell that baby Kara was very curious about the grass. She kept on looking down and wiggling her toes. She was fascinated as this was entirely a new object for baby Kara.

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