Sunday, July 25, 2010

Uncle Gabe in Town

Today, the Wong Family woke up early to spend the whole day with Uncle Gabe before he drives back up to San Fran tomorrow. Uncle Gabe drove down to attend his friend's wedding and took advantage of the time to also spend time with Yee-Po and see baby Kara. Knowing that he would get to see her, he bought a ton of toys for baby Kara even after mama Lyanne told him not to go crazy with the spending.

As soon as the Wong family arrived at Yee-Po's house, they all went to out to eat lunch. Baby Kara only had 15-20 minutes of nap time in the car and mama Lyanne was afraid that she would be cranky during lunch. But surprisingly, baby Kara did not fuss that much. She was playing and interacting with Yee-Po and Uncle Gabe in the restaurant. Towards the end of the lunch, baby Kara started to fuss for nap time. Typically, mama Lyanne would put baby Kara in her car seat and push the stroller back and forth, tricking baby Kara that she's 'moving', and baby Kara would doze off to sleep within the half hour. However, this time it didn't seem to work for her anymore. Either she got smarter and knows that she's not really moving or the restaurant was just too loud for her to fall asleep. So mama Lyanne took baby Kara out for a walk around the restaurant until baby Kara fell asleep. Mama Lyanne ended up walking 2-3 times around the restaurant before baby Kara finally dozed off to sleep (luckily the weather was cool enough to take a walk). Just when baby Kara fell asleep, papa Matt came out to look for mama Lyanne and they both went back to the restaurant. Baby Kara stayed asleep even during the transfer from the stroller to the car and on the car ride back to Yee-Po's house.

Afraid of waking baby Kara up, mama Lyanne decided to leave baby Kara sleeping in the car seat and placed her in papa Matt's (old) room. That didn't last long because ten minutes later, baby Kara woke up crying. After calming baby Kara down, mama Lyanne took baby Kara out to the living room to play with Uncle Gabe. At first, she was still groggy so she cried when Uncle Gabe tried to play with her. But after baby Kara was fully awake, she was back to her usual playful self and 'allowed' Uncle Gabe to play with her with no fuss. This was also the time when Uncle Gabe brought out all the toys he bought for baby Kara. Uncle Gabe started to open all of the toys and removed all of the tags so that papa Matt wouldn't be able to return them. (Haha) Uncle Gabe bought several musical toys, soft toys, teething toys, water toys, and developmental toys such as stacking cups and rings. He also bought baby Kara a doorway jumper which he immediately set it up for baby Kara to test drive. It was just around the same time where baby Kara likes to bounce every time she's in a standing position. When she was in the jumper, she was very happy and jumped around over excitement.

After that, all the adults ate dinner while baby Kara played by herself on the living room floor. After dinner was done, Great Auntie Winnie and Yee-Po had a lot fun playing with baby Kara. Baby Kara is very easy to amuse and entertain. Something as simple as paper crinkling is a great example. Today, her point of amusement was Great Auntie Winnie's sparkly shirt. Seeing that baby Kara was looking at her shirt, Great Auntie Winnie turned it into a game and they both had a ton of laughs.

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