Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Mail with Mommy and Daddy

This week, papa Matt had the idea of getting everyone out for a walk to get the mail after picking baby Kara up from day care. On days to get mail, the typical routine consist of papa Matt unloading baby Kara's diaper bag, milk bag and car seat in the house while mama Lyanne cleans baby Kara's bottles and get them ready for day care tomorrow morning. Then everyone goes out to the back yard. Papa Matt would pick up dog poop while mama Lyanne let's baby Kara play/interact with the dogs. After that, everyone takes a walk to get mail. Instead of carrying baby Kara on the arms or by the hip, mama Lyanne decided to let baby Kara ride on her shoulder. Papa Matt liked what he saw so he wanted baby Kara on his shoulder too.

It's a nice short walk and mama Lyanne can already picture baby Kara walking with her and papa Matt in a few more months when baby Kara can walk!
Just 3 days ago, baby Kara was playing with paper. Mama Lyanne was about to take the paper away, but while doing so she happened wrinkle the paper just before taking it away. All of a sudden, baby Kara bursted out laughing (maybe the sound of crinkling paper was amusing to her). Mama Lyanne couldn't resist to bring the paper back and made a game out of it, just to get baby Kara laughing.

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